Problems with forms?

If you are having trouble saving a form from our site after you have filled it out online we’ve listed some helpful tips below.

First and foremost, make sure you have the latest version of your browser installed.

Now that we know we have the most up to date version there are a few differences between the two on how to save the form after you have filled it out.

Internet Explorer

IE is a lot more straightforward with saving.  You simply fill the form out and then click the Save icon in the top left.  This will save all your information you entered.


Chrome technically won’t let you save it after you have filled it out.  If you try, it will only save the form itself and not the information you’ve entered.  Follow these steps save your form with your information completed.

  1.  After you have completed the form, click on the printer icon in the top right-hand corner:

    image of screen shot showing the print ribbon of a pdf from Chrome

  2. A Print popup will appear with a preview pane and several options on the left-hand side.  Instead of printing you can change your Destination to save as a PDF.  Click the Change button and select Save as PDF and then select the Save button in blue.
  3. From here, just save the file on your computer with the name of your choice and the location of your choice and you are done!