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EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 1, 2015: Fingerprinting will be required of all applicants for appointment as guardian of the person and/or estate of adult persons alleged to be incompetent.  Fingerprinting will also be required of all applicants for change of name of an adult.  The fingerprinting will be done on-site at the Probate Court from 8:00 AM to 3:00PM every day on which the Court is open.

The Ohio Supreme Court has adopted Rule 66 and that directs that individuals serving as guardians receive a fundamental education on guardianships.  Our local Probate Court is following the direction of the Ohio Supreme Court to require education for all guardians.  Because the Ohio Supreme Court has declared their intent that all guardians be educated, every person serving as a guardian must receive the education.  No exceptions will be permitted. 

To assist guardians in meeting this new requirement, the Supreme Court of Ohio Judicial College is delivering a six-hour fundamentals course three ways:

1.   Live courses.
2.   Broadcast to local sites.
3.   Online education. Visit

The broadcast of the Adult Guardianship Education Courses will be offered at the Clermont County Probate Court, 2379 Clermont Center Drive, Batavia, Ohio, 45103.  Please call 513-732-7243, option 6 to find out when the education courses will be held. Please direct any questions you have regarding the requirements or registration to .

Judge James A. Shriver


For your convenience, packets are now available on our website for Estates, Minor and Adult Name Changes, Minor and Incompetent Guardianships, Regular Release From Administration, Summary Releases, and Wills. You now have the ability to save and modify the enterable part of the forms. We are in the process of making enhancements to our website to better serve you and the public.

Perfect Form has been notified of the forms that need added and/or updated pertaining to the amendments in the Local Rules. It is Perfect Form’s responsibility to provide and make available to you current forms that the Court uses and requires you to file.

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